The week in tech

This week’s tech news roundup includes stories about Apple’s new AI system, Microsoft’s AI system, a new type of RAM, Samsung’s comeback in the chip business, and more.

  • Apple announced a new AI system called Apple Intelligence that is integrated into all of their operating systems. Apple claims that this system is privacy-focused because it runs locally on devices and only uses the cloud when absolutely necessary.

  • Microsoft announced a similar AI system called Reco, but unlike Apple, people are skeptical about Microsoft’s privacy claims. There was so much backlash that Microsoft delayed the launch of Reco and is working on security issues.

  • A new type of RAM called LPDDR5X is coming to desktops, laptops, and even handheld gaming devices. This new RAM is smaller, more energy efficient, and has better signal integrity than previous types of RAM.

  • Samsung is making a comeback in the chip business. They announced that they will be able to mass produce 2 nanometer chips for mobile devices in 2025. Samsung also has a plan to become a leading maker of AI chips by integrating their memory chip business with their foundry business.

  • There are also some rumors that Android will be getting a desktop mode similar to Samsung Dex and that Windows will soon allow you to add your Android phone to file explorer.

  • OpenAI, a company that creates artificial intelligence, managed to double its annualized revenue to $3.4 billion.

In addition to these stories, the video also covers a number of other tech news stories, including the release of several new tech products, such as the *Galaxy watch Fe, Insta360 Go 3S camera, HTC U24 Pro phone, and Light Phone 3. *